Connect with Informing Designs at Claris Engage 2024!

We are excited for the first Claris conference since 2019, and the whole team will be there, well, here since we are based in Austin.

Informing Designs is sponsoring meditation sessions during the lunch periods. Each session will highlight a different type of meditation.

Click on the links below for details: 

Sound Therapy | Visualization | Object Meditation | Yoga Nidra | Resources

Claris Engage 2024 - Informing Designs -

Informing Designs is also one of the sponsors of the Claris Engage Community Party at the Domain in the Lone Star Court, Wednesday 7 pm – 10 pm.

We work closely with Sully over at Mandelbrot, and he’s speaking on container data on Thursday in his session: Egressing Claris FileMaker container data to the Cloud, some of which stemmed from a problem he helped us solve.

You can also find Lisette at the WITfm booth or the Visionary Bar, and sometimes, the hotel bar.