Informing Designs was established in 1999 as a FileMaker consulting practice based in Austin, Texas.

Lisette Wilson, Principal Consultant, FileMaker Certified Developer.

Lisette has developed database solutions for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. These FileMaker projects cover a wide range including construction, delivery schedules, sales, team coordination and much more. She has also done numerous major projects for non-profits, including several large universities. She is a FileMaker Certified Developer in versions 9-16. As one of the coordinators of the local Austin FileMaker Pro User Group and the national group, Pause on Error, she is always looking for FileMaker enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge with others. Lisette continues to work with Women of FileMaker whose goal is increasing young women’s competency and confidence in database development and design.

Twenty years ago, Lisette discovered FileMaker as an Apple Support Technician, then became a regular user in an administrative position in the natural foods industry. Aiming to eliminate tedious data entry and opportunity for error, she learned how to make FileMaker do more of the work for her. Spending every other vacation at Devcon, she moonlighted until able to strike out on her own in 2003. As CEO and Technical Lead for Informing Designs LLC, she enjoys exploring different businesses and discovering how she and her team can help remove the tedium and opportunity for error from those workplaces. At her first Women of FileMaker Luncheon several tables were not filled; watching the group grow to fill all the tables has been a delight. A graduate of the University of Texas Plan II Honors Program, she lives in Austin, with her husband and dog, Brownie.

George Perry, Senior Consultant

george perry, informing designs

George has over 20 years experience with FileMaker. His most recent work was with the University of Texas Center for STEM Education where he served as the administrator and senior developer for a statewide science and math education program involving 60 projects, all using a FileMaker system he developed. Before this he was involved in a wide variety of FileMaker development projects including those for business, non-profits and government organizations. For several years he was a certified FileMaker trainer and taught many classes from introduction to advanced levels. His primary philosophy with clients is that development works best when regular and clear communication about work in progress is a high priority for all involved. George spends his free time either in the outdoors or attending cultural events around town. As the owner of one dog, two cats, an African Gray parrot and koi fish, his free time can often be limited!


Informing Designs is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.


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