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Great things come from great partnerships – and we want to partner with you! Informing Designs is committed to building a relationship that leads to your success.

Our Team

Lisette Wilson, CEO

Twenty years ago, Lisette discovered FileMaker as an Apple Support Technician, then became a regular user in an administrative position in the natural foods industry. Aiming to eliminate tedious data entry and opportunity for error, she learned how to make FileMaker do more of the work for her. Spending every other vacation at Devcon, she moonlighted until able to strike out on her own in 2003. As CEO, Technical Lead and Guru for Informing Designs LLC, she enjoys exploring different businesses and discovering how she and her team can help remove the tedium and opportunity for error from those workplaces. If the world didn't run on money, she'd be happy knowing she saved people time.

At her first Women of FileMaker Luncheon, only a few dozen women attended; watching the group grow into Women Innovating Together, now a non-profit, has been a delight. In 2018, Lisette led the committee from Women of FileMaker to host PauseOnError, an "unconference" project by Ernest Koe (Proof Group) and John Sindelar (Seedcode). She is now part of the steering committee for PauseOnError.

A graduate of the University of Texas Plan II Honors Program, she lives in Austin, with her husband and dog, Annie.

Carla Kalekin, Sr. Developer

Carla took the scenic route to FileMaker after spending a lengthy period as a paralegal, a couple years in advertising, and 8 years as a software engineer for a semiconductor company. This journey through seemingly unrelated fields has honed Carla’s meticulous nature and desire for questions to be answered and problems to be solved.

When developing, Carla believes in and strives for the perfect combination of robust, intuitive, and elegantly simple, and she is passionately geeky about user experience and testing. It is this emphasis on testing that has resulted in Carla’s role as “exposer of the ugly truth,” and there is rarely a meeting without Carla piping up with “…I have a question….” If there’s a bug, Carla will want to chase it.

Carla and her husband Udi reside in Austin with their old dog Coco and enjoy keeping up with all that is new and changing in Austin.

Will Mercer, Sr. Designer

Will has spent over 25 years in Business Process Consulting in the Financial Industry, High Tech Industry, and the Healthcare Industry. A majority of his work involved managing large-scale software implementations. Will has a unique skill set across Communications, Training, Development, Software, and Change Management.

For the last several years, Will has focused on FileMaker development with small and mid-sized businesses. His communication skills, organization skills, ability to create and maintain relationships, and his passion for business improvement make him a knowledgeable and reliable source of information and support to any business.

Will lives in Austin with his husband and three dogs.

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